Recreation Area Rules & Regulations

Park Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regs SignEach NRD sets its own rules and regulations for use of its recreation areas. Most areas have their regulations posted; be sure to familiarize yourself with the regulations before using a recreation area.

Usage Fees

A few NRD recreation areas have a usage fee. For some of those areas, fees are voluntary; at others, they are required. Please pay any required fees before using an NRD recreation area.

Hunting/Fishing Permits

To fish or hunt at an NRD recreation area, you are required to have a permit from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. All state hunting and fishing regulations apply. Some NRD recreation areas have special size or bag limits for fish; please follow all posted regulations.

More Information

For more information about rules and regulations at specific NRD recreation areas, contact the sponsoring NRD. Each recreation area page has a "Sponsoring NRD" box with contact information for that NRD, or you can get a list of the NRDs here.